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Our History


The Chapel

The church at Ley Hill has a long history. The congregation met in various cottages around Ley Hill, and it was first registered in 1841. The church building was built in 1887. It was originally part of the Primitive Methodist tradition which was an evangelical straightforward wing of the Methodist church focussed on personal faith and Bible preaching, which allowed men and women to lead and preach. In 1908 they were also joined by friends from Ley Hill Baptist church. The church has a long and continuous history of youth work. It also has a link with the Methodist church in Skopje, Macedonia.  


For more information, you can read the history book called “The Chapel on the Green” by Neil Rees written for the church’s 180th anniversary in 2021. Copies are available from the church.

1987 SundaySchool.tif

The church building is called the Chapel.  It was built in 1887 and, but is modern and functional inside.  It includes toilets including one accessible by wheelchair. The main chapel is used for worship, but the chairs can also be moved aside for use by the Toddlers, Well-Seasoned and Youth Express groups. 

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